Are we looking for you?  Are you an experienced affiliate marketing pro that is looking for that perfect role where you get to help your team members grow both professionally and personally?  Where you get to lead a team creating amazing and innovative affiliate and performance marketing strategies that drive revenue, bust through goals and wow the affiliate industry?  Do you have a heart to serve and the ambition and drive to reach big hairy audacious goals for your clients, your teammates and your company?  Then maybe this is the job for you.

JEBCommerce is looking for an “A” player to lead our affiliate division into 2017 and beyond.  We are looking for someone with success in the affiliate channel and managing a large team.  Someone who isn’t satisfied with the status quo, who has a history of getting hard things done and who is always asking “What am I missing?”.  Is that you?

JEBCommerce is driven by Stewardship, Craftsmanship, Community, Grace and Ownership and a Relentless Pursuit of Improvement.  Our value statement says it all:

“At JEB Commerce, we know we do things a bit differently. Our values don’t just sit on a whiteboard or in a mission statement; they’re living, breathing principles that shape our “today” and our vision for tomorrow. And although we could give you a list of values, the real story is in the culture that they inspire.

What does it mean to be a part of the JEB family? It’s the sense of pride that comes over you when you realize you’re a catalyst for change, not just a service provider. It’s the surge of adrenaline that kicks in when in the middle of a complex problem, you find yourself thinking, “I love my job”. It’s the inherent trust that forms when relationships are built on transparency, mentorship and an intrinsic accountability that energizes you to exceed expectations. It’s the refreshing nature of business partnerships approached with humor and grace, and the genuine excitement you feel when your clients succeed.

But more than anything else, JEB is driven by a deep sense of shared success—the kind that strengthens your client partners, your colleagues, your family and your community.  Join us as we change our lives and others’.”

We really do believe we have the power to change lives at JEBCommerce, here at the company and in the relationships we build around us and we are looking for someone who is ready to take the next step with us.

Here are some must haves for this opportunity:

  • 5+ years of affiliate marketing and/or digital marketing experience
  • In depth, intimate and comprehensive knowledge of the affiliate marketing space
  • Experience and expertise in digital marketing beyond performance marketing
  • Heart to serve others (clients, peers, direct reports)
  • Experience with multiple affiliate networks and platforms
  • Strong and broad network of affiliate industry contacts
  • Ability to demonstrate innovation within the affiliate space
  • Ability to empower a team to innovate, push beyond boundaries develop initiatives to increase client’s revenue and success in the performance marketing channel
  • A sense of urgency for achieving goals
  • Ability to build strong relationships at a senior level
  • Excellent presentation and written skills
  • Multi-Channel experience and ability to guide a client through affiliate attribution and channel cannibalization
  • Thorough understanding of affiliate networks, their tools and their individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Desire to help their team members grow personally and professionally
  • Continuous Improvement minded
  • Success in managing teams of 15 or more
  • Adaptable
  • Knowledge of website analytics
  • Energetic
  • Highly Driven
  • Self accepting and authentic, willing to learn about yourself and your impact on those around you
  • Ethical
  • Organized

We are looking for a leader that is driven by a desire to serve and excitement in seeing their team members grow professionally and personally.  Cause let’s be honest, real change affects our entire lives, just not work.  We are looking for a leader that knows that real change starts with themselves and is able to be vulnerable with their team.

Also, they have to be a kick-butt performance marketer.  What successes have you brought to your clients and advertisers you have worked with?  What are your blue chip stories?  What amazing things have you done to reach client goals that you now want to teach other affiliate marketers to do and bring to a whole new suite of clients?  I want to hear all about them.

This is an executive leadership position at JEBCommerce.  Have you always wanted to be a part of driving the overall vision, not only of a department, but of an entire organization?  This may be your change.  So I want to hear from you.

If what I’ve written about trips your trigger and you think you fit the bill for JEB, then email me a cover letter and resume, along with a blue chip story or two to jamie AT jebcommerce.com.  This position is located in the amazing town of Coeur d’Alene Idaho, a resort town with amazing lakes, skiing (4 mountains within an hour), fishing, hiking and the most amazing views this country has to offer.  You’ll love it.  We offer competitive salary, amazing benefits (read about our parental leave policy) and one incredible atmosphere here.

About JEB Commerce

JEBCommerce is located in the beautiful resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, voted one of Forbes best places to live and work. We’re sure you stumbled over that name a little…and that’s okay (pronounce it like this and it’s all good: “core duh lane”).

Established in 2004, we have always been dedicated to our clients. We’ve worked hard and as a result, we have a well-respected reputation with our clients and our competitors. We work hard, but we also play hard at the appropriate time. Foosball is our game of choice in the office (along with the occasional Nerf war). Come on over and challenge us to a game! Our office environment is intense and high energy and there is a constant desire to improve and learn. We enjoy working with each other and pushing each other to learn more and succeed more with every client that we manage.

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